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Monday, March 25, 2013

Where has Spring got to?

Ok, today is March 25th 2013, and the weather, even for the UK is atrocious!
This time last year it was lovely and warm, people were out on the beach, or in their gardens, all enjoying the sunshine.

Not this year.
This year is just one never-ending winter.

I shouldn't complain, after all, I live in the south-east, where we supposedly get better weather than the rest of the country. And compared to a lot of places, we have had it easy; a smattering of the white stuff on the grass and pavements, but the roads are clear, and we are not butied up to our necks in it. We also have been spared the floods that other parts have had.
This Friday is Good Friday, and the schools break up for the 2 week Easter hols. Evidently this crap weather is going to last into the holidays, so I'm not happy. Not that I'm going anywhere - chance would be a fine thing! - but it would be nice to anticipate sitting in the garden, basking in warm sunshine whilst listening to the sound of water pumping around the small fish pond. Instead I'll probably be stuck indoors, apart from venturing out for food supplies.

I haven't blogged for a while, so have taken the opportunity, whilst in the library at one of their computers, to write a few lines (my laptop is dead and I can't really do any writing on my Blackberry! My other half, Dave, is currently trying to revive one of our old, and I mean old, desk-top computers. If he can get it working it has internet and Word on it, so I will have no excuse not to blog, or to actually get on with my writing. Yes, I could write my stories long-hand, but it's easier to type. Truth be told, I'm probably too lazy to consider writing by hand and then bringing my stuff to the library to get typed up! 

And the thing with blogging is that I can just ramble about anything, and it means I'm actually writing something. Yay!

Anyway I only have about 20 minutes left on here - you only get an hour - so I'm going to surf the web! At 2.30 it's the Ingatestone Coffee and Crime Reading Group. I love being part of it, we have such a good laugh and the conversation usually turns smutty pretty fast. You wouldn't believe that most of the members are in their 60's and over! (I'm actually a youngster in this group, at 49!).

Am signing off now from Stuff N' Nonsense -

Till next time,


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