At Home With Rowena

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

In memory of Michael

Following on from my last post, I think another reason I felt compelled to write what I did, was because unknowingly at that time, a dear friend of ours took his own life. He had been the victim of antisocial behaviour from his neighbours, and obviously couldn't take any more. He had complained repeatedly to the council, who took the word of the rest of them against him. He was afraid to go home - there had been no physical violence - just the threat of it - and it all combined to unhinge his mind to the point where he was convinced he had been fitted with  a tracking device so they could watch his every move and 'get him' as he put it. The last time we saw him was just prior to Christmas - and then he disappeared. It was assumed he was sleeping rough, as despite frequent checks at his flat, there was no answer and never any lights on. When we asked the police and missing persons helpline for assistance we were told they could do nothing because we weren't relatives. Ironically it was the nasty neighbours themselves who alerted the police when they said there was a bad smell coming from his flat - that would have been about 5 weeks after Mick finally decided to end it all, and nobody knew because they wouldn't take notice of his friends who weren't family. Yet when Mick approached his BROTHER for help he was told to 'fuck off'.

Never mind, Mick, you're at peace now. No-one can hurt you.
God bless.