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Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Blog Name

Have decided to change blog name from Gramarye to Bitchin' Witch! The reason for this is that I don't always feel all goody two shoes, airy fairy and mystical! I would love to be one of those wonderful, otherworldy, interesting looking people who sail calmly through life with a beautific smile on my face parting words of spiritual wisdom. My reality however, is quite a different matter! I have a volcanic temper, and am not adverse to using extremely bad language when someone pisses me off - usually so that anyone with me is covering their mouth to stop themselves from laughing, and thinking I can't believe she said that!

I'm so into the look of the thing - a cross between gothic witch Nancy, from the movie The Craft

and the more traditional hedgewitch, brewing her potions in a cauldron on her kitchen stove!


When we moved in to our house in rural Essex (obviously I named her - Gramarye - meaning 'magic and enchantment') I hoped to transform into the latter. Unfortunately for me, like the late, great John Lennon said, life is what happens when you're busy making other plans! Hence my reversion to the 'me' I can't seem to erase! What that is exactly, I can't quite put into words. Although, a  few years ago, I got sent one of these text things on my phone, and you had to forward it to your friends, asking them to describe you in one word. A friend I made at university texted back wild, while another wrote fey. They seem rather contradictory- just like me - obviously the Libran thing going on here! Anyway, John Lennon was a Libran (9 Oct) and he was into mystical stuff as well as being a bit of a rebel; leading peace rallies and so forth - even that in itself is a contradiction - so I feel I'm in good company!

Anyway, so that's where I'm at with my blog. I want it to be a forum for anyone who reads it to pop in and say what's going on in their own life - the good, the bad, and the downright ugly - don't hold back - let it all out!

With that,
Welcome to the Bitchin' Witch!    

Well, there's no time like the present, and it's now less than a week to Christmas Day. Are you ready? Have you bought all your prezzies and wrapped them up? Well if you have - good on you. Have I? Have I f***!
After finally wrapping the last of the presents on Christmas Eve every year, I promise myself to start shopping early for next time. And do I? What do you think? I mean, my promise is made with the best of intentions, but then all the bloody bills get in the way, don't they? And just when you  think  you're going to go and pick up some nice things for Christmas, what do you think happens? The poxy tumble dryer packs up, that's what happens. In this house anyway. And, then,  oh, yes, it gets better - you phone up the number on your insurance policy, only to find that because the bastards' forgot to remind you it was up for renewal only the month before, you're no longer insured,

but you can call someone out for £100 - and that's just to take a look at the thing and tell you what's wrong with it! So, clutching my bit of extra money close to my heart, we kindly refuted the offer, and called out a lovely bloke from the local repair shop for £35. Luckily it turned out all that had happened was that water had got onto the element and caused a short (that had been enough to wack out all our electric every time we tried to start up the dryer). It was easily rectified with  a blast of hot air from my hairdryer, and voila! we were up and running again! The total cost was £43 - the call-out plus vat. So it's 'up yours' to Domestic and General!

Back to the prezzie question - luckily we managed to get about half of them for our two bambini - I say luckily, because my mom (who lives in the West Midlands)  posted a cheque which took a week to arrive! Anyone would think it was posted from the other side of the world! Mind you, the British postal service - or should that be none-service? - leaves a lot (of mislaid post) to be desired. To add insult to injury, when the cheque was banked, we were told it may not clear until Christmas Eve. What bloody good is that to me???? I'll be running around like a headless f****** chicken and still not get it done, because all the bloody shops'll close early! The best I can offer the bambini is a possible two grand openings of prezzies, but they're not looking very impressed, so fingers crossed that the cheque clears in time for me to hit the shops!
Well, I think that's enough ranting for now,

A happy and stress-free Christmas to you all,

lotsa luv,